Pilates for Sciatica – How it can help

More and more people are being advised by their G.P’s, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and other health professionals to try Pilates as a way of relieving the symptoms of sciatica.

Breathing the Pilates way!

Do you find that you are concentrating so hard on getting your Pilates movements correct that you forget to breathe?! Perhaps you are unsure when to breathe in and out during movements?

Pilates in Lockdown! Group Classes v Online Options

With the current lockdown restrictions in place and venues and studios closed it does make it harder for many of us to stay motivated. There are many online options to practice Pilates at home, but how effective are they?

Can Pilates improve Posture?

Of course, and so much more! Pilates helps us to develop good posture habits and build strength and endurance in our deep postural muscles.

Pilates for Men

Pilates for Men

Pilates is just as beneficial for men as well as women and was in fact created by a man!

Mindfulness and Pilates

When does our movement become Mindful? Hopefully, most of the time in our Pilates classes!