New beginner class starting 4th March!

Delay on orders between 26th August and 2nd Sept

Online Informed Class Consent

IMPORTANT! Please Read Carefully

By taking part you are agreeing to the following:

Being aware of your own capabilities and only do those exercises that you are comfortable with.

PAIN is the body’s warning system and SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED. (Seek medical advice if you are in any doubt).

Taking responsibility for your own health and safety during sessions. For example, keep any distractions, such as pets, away during the session.

Making sure you have plenty of space around your mat and clothing should be comfortable leisurewear that will stretch. Stay hydrated.

Understanding that the teaching is a means of general guidance and motivation. It is not a substitute for medical advice.

By checking the terms and conditions box at checkout, I confirm that I have read the Informed Class Consent and I have no reason or problem that would restrict my ability to participate in the Online and On-demand Pilates Classes.