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Pilates For Cyclists - Classes to do at home

Pilates will help you to maintain good form on the bike, and get you cycling more efficiently for longer.

Cycling is a fast-growing leisure activity, and many people enjoy its benefits as a low impact, cardiovascular exercise method. More and more people are choosing to cycle instead of drive locally to help reduce the effect of harmful gases on the environment which is great!
Although hugely beneficial to our health and the environment, cycling is not without its risks. These are usually because of overuse, poor bike set up, biomechanics, posture and poor training loads and can result in low back, neck or knee pain which are common areas of discomfort and injury amongst cyclists.
Body awareness and posture on the bike can be improved and movement patterns and positioning corrected through Pilates, making it a great tool for injury prevention.

The 9 main benefits of Pilates for Cyclists:

Pilates improves mobility and flexibility
- increasing comfort and efficiency on the bike.

2. Pilates helps build core strength and endurance to improve bike handling, balance, and efficiency

As a cyclist fatigues, their body may start to roll from side to side on the bike, and so building a strong and stable core that can work for long periods will mean that the cyclist can continue to turn the pedals smoothly while their head, shoulders and body remain still and secure for longer. This is an advantage in terms of both performance (less energy is wasted) and safety.

Pilates for Cyclists

Improved limb alignment when moving to improve stability and movement patterns in the leg

This can stop the knees and feet twisting or turning during the pedal stroke for example.

4. Improved bone density

Cyclists can have lower bone density than people who practice more weight-bearing activities. Pilates can add resistance training to put some load through the bones and joints.

Pilates strengthens back and neck muscles

Pilates will help to strengthen, stretch, and lengthen muscles that get too short and tight from being hunched over the bike frame for long periods of time.

6. Injury prevention

One of the most frustrating parts of cycling training is injury. So the best thing we can do to stay consistent in our training is to prevent injuries before they happen. Pilates helps prevent injury which in turn will help you become a more well-rounded cyclist.

Pilates For Cyclists - Classes to do at home​

Pilates acts as a recovery/maintenance tool

Improved muscle strength in the upper body and arms

These provide a counterbalancing force to the lower limbs during the pedalling motion.

Pilates For Cyclists - Classes to do at home​

Improved spinal posture

Pilates can help correct muscle imbalances. It also encourages positive habits and postural alignment to combat possible negative long-term effects from cycling or sitting for prolonged periods.

As a cyclist if you are keen to improve your speed, efficiency and endurance whilst guarding against injury then adding Pilates to your training programme is a must!




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