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Pilates in the Workplace

Virtual and group Pilates classes at home or in the workplace.

Increase productivity, reduce stress levels, sick days and boost staff health and well-being.

A personally-customised Corporate Pilates experience

Pilates is a great way to enhance any corporate wellness programme and to encourage your employees to follow a healthy lifestyle. By introducing them to Pilates it will help them to look after both their physical and mental well-being.

We are all aware that too much sitting and staring at computer screens and tablets is not good for us. Studies have shown that the two main reasons for sick days are stress and joint aches and pains, often caused by poor posture. The principles of Pilates and the body awareness it promotes will help staff to utilise the skills and movements learnt into their daily office activities.

Corporate Pilates Instructor

Bridge Pilates can offer:

  • Live Virtual Pilates classes to do weekly with colleagues at home or in the office
  • An organised group class especially for your employees on site to build team morale
  • A gift subscription for staff members to the On-demand Pilates library
  • Individual presentations/workshops that give an introduction to the benefits of Pilates in the workplace. This could include a practical element and form part of your wellbeing programme
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The Benefits

A healthy employee is a happy one!