New beginner class starting 4th March!

Delay on orders between 26th August and 2nd Sept

Live Virtual Zoom Pilates Classes.

Live Zoom Pilates classes are a great way to stay connected and motivated when practicing Pilates at home.

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There are no group Zoom classes scheduled at the moment.

However, please do get in touch for 1-1 or small private group sessions on Zoom.

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Zoom is easy to use and easy to set up.

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Class Instructions

  1. Please “arrive” for your class five minutes before the start time and wait in the virtual “waiting room” with the other class participants.
  2. The meetings are set-up to start with participants’ cameras turned on, and their microphone muted, so we’re not interrupted by any background noises.
  3. You can turn off your camera if you prefer, but I won’t be able to see how you’re getting on. If you need to get my attention during the class, you can choose to un-mute yourself and talk to me directly.
  4. To keep my video feed to be the one in view, hover over the picture of me – 3 dots will appear at the top right of the picture, click these, in the drop-down menu that appears, choose ‘PIN video’.
  5. After the class has finished, I will un-mute everyone so we can have a chat and get feedback.

Helpful Tips

  1. Set up the app and check the audio and video well in advance so that you are familiar with the settings and don’t miss anything.
  2. Set up your device so that you can see it clearly and position it, so you are not having to strain the neck or spine out of neutral alignment if possible.
  3. A smartphone will work, however it’s very small, and the sound quality is not as good.
  4. Using a Laptop or PC will work much better – and consider connecting it to your TV for the best experience.
  5. Make sure your battery is full, or better still plug it into a power source, or you might disappear!
  6. Set your mat up so you can see the whole of it on the screen.
  7. Ensure you have plenty of space around you.
  8. Have plenty of light so I can see you clearly! It’s easier to make any corrections then.