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Pilates for
Low Back Pain

Did you know that Lower Back Pain affects about 80% of the population at some point and that it is the third most common reason to visit the doctor?

There can be many causes of low back pain, from sprains and strains, to herniated discs and fractures.
Less serious and more common though are problems related to poor posture, slouching and heavy lifting without good core support.

In most cases, the best treatment is not always surgery or pain killers, it’s exercise! Not every exercise method will help but Pilates is one that can, and therefore it has proved to be such an effective tool in pain management. Pilates can offer so many options to access your core muscles and is suitable for all different levels, ages, and body types. By combining an effective breathing system with small precise movements, you can strengthen your deep abdominal and back muscles.

Pilates for low Back Pain

At Bridge Pilates I hold a weekly group back care class, but also offer a complete 6 Week Pilates for Lower Back Pain Programme which has been designed for you to do at home. It will help you to build and maintain a healthy back.

My 6-Week Back Care Pilates Course

Weeks 1, 2 and 3

To begin with, you will learn the basic exercises that will become the foundation for your regular Pilates practice. 

These movements are revised and perfected, and you will develop a good awareness of the deep stabilisers and start to understand their role in low back and pelvic stability. 

Appropriate stretches are used towards the end of each session, to start to free up tight areas of the body.

Weeks 4, 5 and 6

You will start to build strength and balance in the abdominals, to give more control over your spine and rib cage. 

The exercises are progressed, and additional challenges are used to start to test your core stability, strength, and endurance in different positions. 

There is more stretching of key areas as your flexibility improves too.

Please note:
If you are currently undergoing treatment or suffering from persistent Low back pain,
it is advisable to check with your Doctor or Health Care Provider before starting the programme.

 I offer a short consultation should you need it before starting the course. 
Please feel free to get in touch by completing the contact form if you would like to have a chat.

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