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I had been struggling after my second pregnancy with bad back ache, and loads of muscle tension all the time that I couldn’t get rid of..


I have been doing Pilates in Lorraine’s classes for about 15 years now. Ever since my early 30’s when I was playing a lot of football but I was missing an increasing amount of game time through injury


I have to say that after each class I’m relaxed and energised.
I feel a lot more flexible, a lot brighter and a lot more confident.


I used to go running but I had to give that up due to my back and my GP recommended Pilates.

There is an atmosphere in the class that is so warm and welcoming and friendly and although I was a total novice I didn’t feel disadvantaged at all. There are people of all ages and fitness levels.


I’m a Sports Physio, so can vouch that she knows what she’s talking about.


I’ve suffered with long standing back issues for many years and I wouldn’t be walking without doing Pilates, and I have to say that Lorraine has made a big difference to that.


It’s the best decision that I have ever made and consistently has been the best advice from the physiotherapist.

Half of the things I am doing now I could never have
done before.


I was looking for a way to help manage the sciatica pain that I had been experiencing in my back.


I was recommended to Lorraine by a physio I was seeing as there was uncertainty as to the cause of pain in my leg and it was believed that Pilates might help.  I have been attending Lorraine’s classes since I retired in 2009 (I am now 75) and after a few years I had a knee replacement.  Other than daily dog walking I strongly resist all forms of exercise and I know that without Lorraine’s classes I would have seized up years ago. Both my knee surgeon, who was greatly impressed by the speed of my post operation recovery and the osteopath I see regarding deterioration to my back have confirmed the benefits of my attending Lorraine’s classes.  However, I do know that it is Lorraine herself and not just Pilates that has helped me so much and inspired my regular attendance as years previously I attended classes run by others without receiving any inspiration or physical benefit. My thanks go to Lorraine for keeping my body parts moving and inspiring or shaming me to continue attending her classes.

Fay M

I have been attending Lorraine’s Pilates classes for about 7 years and would recommend them to everyone.

Lorraine is very patient and thoughtful; she can adapt all the exercises to any level of ability. She is also very mindful of any injuries, problems, or recent operations we may have had and advises us how to amend an exercise, so we are still able to take part. Lorraine is very reliable and organised, so we never have to miss a session! We are all so grateful she has continued during lockdown by putting her classes online.

Claire H

I started Pilates classes with Lorraine Hobbs as a complete beginner and have been attending now for many years. I would highly recommend her classes, she is amazing! 

Lorraine is extremely knowledgeable; her teaching is calm and thorough. She regularly repeats the core principles to keep me focused, as well as offering alternative movements either for extra challenge or to make the existing movement more achievable for my own ability. I really feel she is always helping me to achieve the best technique; I often correct my own posture now when I think of her!

In the recent weeks of lockdown Lorraine has adapted her classes and provided them online, it has been great to carry on at home as I notice the difference if I miss a few classes. Her teaching online is as clear and precise as always.

I really enjoy Pilates and I know it is only because I have a great teacher! 

Selina M

I came to Lorraine 4 years ago having been highly recommended to her by a Neuro Physiotherapist who I had been attending after a 5 month stay in hospital following a traumatic brain injury. I had problems with walking and fine motor control in my right arm and hand.
I found Lorraine’s Pilates classes almost miraculous in their effect.

The sessions helped to improve my overall flexibility and fitness levels dramatically. Lorraine’s holistic approach to health and fitness is fantastic and her interpersonal skills are quite exceptional. The classes are fun, and she manages to teach students of varying physical capabilities and all ages simultaneously. If I take a short holiday, I notice the difference after just two weeks absence.

I can thoroughly recommend her classes because they are excellent and effective and Lorraine because she is so lovely. 

Everyone of any age can benefit from attending.

Nick G

I have been doing Pilates with Lorraine Hobbs for several years now. Having tried several classes before I joined Lorraine, the fact that I am still with her, and even doing Pilates several times a week in lock down speaks for itself. Her classes are easy to follow and always on several levels so include the fit and the not so fit like me!

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone

Trish T

I heard about Lorraine’s online classes as we were going into lockdown and I am so glad I did! She has kept me flexible and supple over the lockdown and given me a structure to my days when her classes are put on, with a number of extras thrown in as well. I have chosen not to do the classes in real time, but the fact that they’re recorded for us means that I can do them exactly when it suits me, and Lorraine has such a great manner behind the camera that I feel she is talking to me! She demonstrates the movements very clearly and has a way of explaining how to do them which gives you confidence that you are doing them correctly, with options for different levels. I have yet to meet her in person, but she has been a welcome companion and teacher through my phone in extraordinary and unsettling times.

Anne L

I have been attending classes with Lorraine for seven years and I am of the opinion she is an exceptional teacher. Her instructions are always concise and targeted in order that we can perform the moves to be best of our ability. As the class progresses, we are offered different levels covering all abilities and whether we are following online or in a class situation we are constantly reminded of correct positioning. Classes are never rushed and incredibly varied. No two classes are ever the same. From a personal point of view, I feel that Pilates certainly keeps me supple and stronger which is essential as the years pass.

Sue F

I have attended Lorraine’s back pain Pilates class for several years. Lorraine is extremely professional with the highest level of Pilates qualification. She has a wonderfully calm manner, and the purpose of the movements are always explained, with visualisation techniques used to enable you to understand what the movement should be like and therefore easier to achieve. During lockdown, the online classes have become not only a vital part of my daily routine but the one I most look forward to and greatly benefit from.

Vanessa P

I have been doing Pilates with Lorraine Hobbs for 12 years plus at Lapworth. I was someone who never did a lot of exercise classes during my life but on starting Lorraine’s classes I found her really inspiring and a very patient teacher and that’s why I am still going to her classes.

Celia R