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The Pilates starter pack

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The essential at home pack to allow optimal performance of your home pilates practice. Hand-picked by our team of experts with over 30 years of experience in helping our clients reach their home exercise goals. This is the perfect gift for those that are starting out on the exciting journey of body transformation and wellness.


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Jute Pilates mat – Double sided to optimize comfort on one side and support on the other. Wipe clean for improved hygiene.

1 inch head pad with wipe able cover – The most hygienic head support we have so you can work out, clean it off and start again with no sweat residue

7 inch Pilates soft ball – Our most popular and versatile pilates additional to advance your mat exercises to a new level.

Socks – Black or Grey from last order – Stay safe, look amazing and feel great in these bespoke, made for pilates, professional performance socks.


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