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6 Motivational Tips for your Pilates Practice

It can be hard to stay on target with your health goals when life is busy and a challenge. Here are 6 top tips to help you stay motivated.

How to practice consistently and stay motivated

A New Year gives us that feeling of a new beginning and therefore we feel the drive to make a change and take advantage of the opportunity of a fresh start. Many of us are keen to make positive changes to our health and well being but these changes don’t always last that long! Having worked hard throughout my career to help inspire and motivate both children and adults to get involved in sport, exercise, and Pilates, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few tips and inspiration with you to help you stay motivated this year. If you do…you will enjoy a whole wealth of health benefits. 

Top Tips

  1. Set a goal – Long term goals are good but often short-term ones are more achievable and help you on your journey to achieving the longer ones. Sometimes it’s good to focus on one day or week at a time. Your short-term goals may be as simple as walk daily for 20-30mins plus one Pilates class a week. Then stay consistent and stick to your plan of action! The more you hit those goals, the better you will feel and the more you will want to do! The more you do the better the results! Also, write it down and keep a visual record or diary of what you’ve done. This can be great to look back on and to see how far you’ve come.
  2. Schedule a regular time – One that is achievable consistently each week. Schedule it into a calendar or phone with a reminder! This will help you to create a new habit, so it becomes part of your daily or weekly routine.
  3. Think variety and fun! If it’s boring and uninspiring it’s not going to work. Find a class that you enjoy…you could participate with a friend or take part remotely with someone else.
  4. Think about how you want to feel – Keep reminding yourself of your goals and how you want to feel. Keep a vision in your mind of the end results. You could keep a diary/log of how you feel after doing your class.
  5. Try and practice early in the day if possible – This is always a good start. Also, how about getting all your exercise gear ready the night before to make it even easier. If practicing at home you could set out your mat and equipment ready and even leave it out if possible…or at least within view as a reminder!
  6. Use motivational quotes – These can offer great motivation and inspiration to help keep you on track. The fridge can be a good place for these!


Lets make sure that 2022 is a new beginning…make it your opportunity for change and success! The more you practice the better the results!

Will it be easy? Probably not! Will it be worth it? Absolutely! 

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