Pilates in Lockdown! Group Classes v Online Options

With the current lockdown restrictions in place and venues and studios closed it does make it harder for many of us to stay motivated. There are many online options to practice Pilates at home, but how effective are they?

Adapting to change

A year ago, I would never have imagined getting behind a camera to teach my Pilates classes… even though I had been asked many times to produce a video! The answer was usually, I will when I have more time! To be honest, before the lockdown I was camera shy, nervous of technology, didn’t like social media and had never even heard of Zoom! However, all that changed as I was forced out of my comfort zone, into another way of working and into the online fitness world!

I really miss the social aspect of the group classes. The atmosphere, banter, smiles and personal contact. It is very strange teaching to a camera or a screen of clients and not getting the same feedback I am used to. However, it has been fantastic to be able to re-connect with past clients who had moved further afield but have now returned to my virtual classes. It is also nice to be able to share my on-demand Pilates class videos and live Zoom Pilates classes with so many new clients.

I am proud to have been able to adapt my business and now feel almost comfortable in front of the camera!

How effective is Pilates online?

The good thing about practicing Pilates online is that it can be done in your own time. You may feel less self-conscious than in a class and it provides you with plenty of variety and choice.  If you are working from a video library, you may find you can concentrate on your technique better and work more at your own pace. If you go for the live online options and become part of a group, then you are more accountable, and this can really help with motivation.

However, you may be hesitant about working online and worry that there is no one there to check your technique or offer modifications or corrections based on how you are moving and performing, particularly if you are a beginner or have an injury or medical issue to be mindful of. I would advise that it is worth considering signing up to a more personal and individual service where you can guarantee the help and support you need.

I have discovered that by having to work differently, I can tell people how to move better without having to touch or demonstrate which is vital when you are no longer face to face with a client. This requires clever cueing and visualisation which Pilates is well known for and if done well does work!

 A place for both?

Although I don’t think it can ever replace the real thing, I do now believe it has a place in our busy lives and if it helps us to stay fit and healthy then that is a good thing. It is great to be transported into your houses and to be able to continue to help you maintain your Pilates practice which for many is particularly important and an essential part of daily life. Therefore, continued practice at home or in a class is so vital to being able to keep experiencing the many benefits of Pilates.

For some of you these changes may really suit your busy lifestyles or maybe you have found that you simply prefer the convenience of practicing at home. When the current restrictions are lifted I do intend to keep offering both options as many of you may wish to stay online or perhaps may like the combination of both.

As we have found there are advantages and disadvantages for both Pilates group classes and online practice, but not too much difference. In the end it really is what suits you and how you can fit Pilates regularly into your life.


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